No one really sings a good ballad anymore these days… Or do they? I heard for a fact that when news broke in August/September  that Adele was coming out with a new album, record executives started pushing back the release dates of albums by musicians in their labels, just because nobody wants to be competing with Adele in the music charts. That was really a smart move as just a day after releasing her new music video from the first single ‘Hello’, taken off of her new album, 25, out this November. Adele had an astronomical 23,206,118 views on Vevo in barely 24 hours. But despite everyone loving the single and some watching and replaying it over and over again. Social media went bonkers after seeing her whip out the now antique Motorola flip phone.

Adele, Hello

The major question on everybody’s lips was ‘Is Adele really using an old flip phone’? How can she be using a flip phone? Guys, it is a music video , with props , costumes etc. Besides, the worldview in the video, depicted the 80’s, 90’s era, So calm down lol.

Her album is officially set to be one of the biggest selling albums of the 21st century. She is said to have collaborated with music geniuses, Pharrell Williams, producer Danger Mouse, acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr, Damon Albarn and, music legend Phil Collins.

In the ‘Hello’ video, shot in it’s entirety , in black and white, she talks about  reconciling with the failure of an old relationship,  as the lead in the narrative,  her reluctant love interest is Tristan Wilds who played Michael Lee in the Wire.

Watch ‘Hello’ by Adele below.

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