The Bill seeking to reduce the qualification age for some key executive and legislative positions, as stipulated in the Nigerian Constitution, has passed second reading in the House of Representatives.

Finally, a bill that will ginger young and vibrant Nigerians to leave arm chair or is it social media politics to become a part of the reformative process in Nigeria. In my quest for news gathering, i get to read a lot of comments from Nigerian millennials, who always have something to say about the nation and why things cannot  get better. Well, now is the time to join your local political party, by first learning from our elder statesmen. After you graduate from their tutulage , you can then go on to be the change we want to see in this nation.

The bill, which seeks to alter sections 65, 106, 131 and 177 of the 1999 Constitution, was sponsored by Honourable Tony Nwulu.

‘Young people have been at the forefront of promoting democratic development and nation building’ 

“Nigeria’s pre-independence struggle was championed by young nationalists… These nationalists were reported to be in their youthful age when they led the independence struggle for this country,” he stressed.

Mr Nwulu further cited South Africa’s law that gave every eligible voter the right to be voted for.

The alteration proposes a qualification age of 30 years for the office of the President, state governors and senators while 25 years has been set for federal and state legislators.

INEC Boss, Mahmood Yakubu

The bill also seeks to introduce independent candidacy as part of Nigeria’s electoral process.

Presently, section 65 of the constitution puts the age limit for anyone vying for a Senate seat at 35 while that of House of Representative was put at 30.

Section 106 of the constitution also puts the age limit for anyone seeking a seat in the State House of Assembly at 30 while section 177 puts the age limit for the governorship position at 35.

The Constitution also puts the age limit for anyone seeking the position of the President of Nigeria at 40 years.

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    They’ve done well. I’m so down with this independent candidate proposal.


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