This article was gotten from the Nairaland forum, so excuse the typos… The list also includes event planners lol!

1, Real Estate
Corruption influenced the high rise in the value of property in Nigeria. An area is mapped out and once politicians pick interest in the area, the value of property rises rapidly for no reason. A land that is worth 1.5m, the moment a politician comes and buys for 10m and starts building a mansion, every other land owner in the area starts selling from 10m upwards.The same goes to buildings. A politician sees a house he or she likes, the seller increases the price by 10 and the politician buys. Then every other property around the area is on the rise.

As the new administration takes over,politicians will reduce their spending.They will now be more interested in managing their loot wisely and no more buying properties anyhow for themselves and their girl friends, because they wont have access to funds to steal. This will affect the sales of property, as there will be more properties for sale and less buyers.

Even the politicians who are the target of estate investors will have to sell theirs to maintain their life style. Remember they have drivers, cooks, security and kids who are studying abroad. People who have raw cash, will buy properties for less than the actual value. A house that is selling for 20m can be bought for 10m. Because the true value of the land in those areas will surface. When you call unimaginable prices for properties, even the politicians will ignore you.

2, Contractors
By contractors, i mean road and building contractors. The budget of the ministry of works has been slashed by more than 50%. This means that fewer roads and houses will be built. Maintenance will even be reduced as the budget would hardly pay salaries . So Contractors will have to find an alternative source of funding .

3, Interior decor and furniture
As politicians invest less in property and govt invest less in housing, there will be less houses to furnish. Those importing expensive furniture that they sell to govt at inflated prices will reduce the stock they order, before they end up using it themselves.

4, Rental services
This involves businesses that rent different types of equipment. Tractors, bulldozers etc. With fewer contracts awarded, who will rent the equipment ? Even those who are into rental of events stuff, like chairs and canopy are not left out. Politicians and those who benefit from the corrupt system will go low key. So if they use to rent 10000 chairs and canopies during events, they might cut it down to 2000 now. They are no longer in power so they now spend from their pokcet and not that of govt. Those newly elected wont see so much money either like the previous administration .

5, Event planners
Those involved in event management, who plan big events and make millions from govt and politicians. The only thing i can tell you is to use your tongue to count your teeth. You have seen the president elect drinking tea with N30 millo abi? You will know the kind of events to plan for this administration .

6 Hospitality Industry
They will be affected seriously because gone are the days politicians will want to sitout and have fun, they will find one name and call the meeting. Taking up all the rooms in a hotel, eating everything with women from the purse of the govt. There will be less of such extravagant spending. Politicians that use to carry 10 girls and stay in the most expensive rooms, will begin looking for the cheaper rooms.

7 Car dealers
They will feel the heat. Imagine calling a politician who use to buy 10 pieces latest mercedes cars and give to people, and he tells you to help him find buyer for the one u sold to him last that he needs the money. There will even be less escort cars, as politicians who used 20 hilux cars might limit to 2 or 3. God help you.

8, Runs girls
You people are already complaining that the sugar chairmen are becoming stingy because of election. Now that most have lost, you will see the real stingyness. They will begin to appreciate their wives. Those that use to dash u 100,000 a night, might start to pay 10k. And if you say you wont take, hunger will kill you.

9. Human Hair delears
Anything that affects politicians affects runs girls, and anything that affects runs girls will affect human hair dealers. So you have to find alternative and more economic hair(Horse hair,Goat hair,Sheep hair or even chicken hair ).Because the runs girls have tight budget now.

10 .Boutiques
Those selling real expensive stuff will feel it too. As the politicians will be more interested in children school fees abroad, diesel for generator 24hrs, maintenance of the luxury houses they live in than clothes. The runs will spend less too. U dont expect a girl who use to make 100k a night and now getting 10k to buy a gown of 40k. Even tonto dike is now buying replica(fake) designers and refuse to pay ooo.
This one people are beginning to trek anyhow, i hope transportation wont be affected lol.

Well i will stop here, but one thing is sure. Save your cash, you will be surprised at what you will be able to buy with little. You might be able to buy a mansion with 1.5m .
Finally, Those that put their trust in GOD will not be put to shame. There might be scarcity of funds, but the children of the most high will not lack.


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