Area Fada, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy,  posted creative Afrocentric pictures of himself, and his wife on Facebook, leading to a lot of comments on the social network site.

While some people praised the pictures for creativity, others slammed it for being eccentric, and unbefitting of his age, and status. Charly Boy will be 64 on June 19.

The six picture collages saw the couple in semi-nude postures in various settings. In a collage titled ‘The first temptation in Eden’,  Lady Di is seen with an apple, while Charly Boy presents, as Adam, in a replication of the biblical story of the Eden garden. Another collage has the couple on a hay stack, also clutching a baby. In a third collage, they are clothed in Egyptian style, with make-up to match. In some other shots, Charly boy also strikes a pose as a Roman fighter, complete with a sword.

Alongside the pictures, Oputa also posted a poem written by his daughter, Miss Dewy Oputa, eulogizing her family’s romantic affiliations.

‘For over 37 years, they have been mirrors to each other,’ Dewy Oputa wrote.

‘Looking at the following pictures one can understand the soulfulness of this union.

May the love that they exude expand our perception of what a soul mate really is.

I have witnessed my grandparents holding hands till my grandfather (Justice Oputa) passed on.

I have watched my parents Charles/Diane carry on as two inseparable buddies, bound together by an unusual friendship, not hinged on attraction or sexuality.

I pray that I too will eventually find a soulmate who will be my best friend.’

Charly Boy, a grandfather, achieved national fame as President of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), and producer cum presenter of ‘Zoom Time’, a celebrity lifestyle magazine television program which ran on national television in the late 90s, and early 2000s.

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