Ever seen a female dj look this good? Me neither! Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, popularly known by her stage name DJ Cuppy, is a Nigerian music disc jockey, songwriter and producer. She is also the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola. When not in school reading for her Masters of Arts degree with a concentration in music business, Cuppy is usually on a plane to Dubai today , London the next week or Lagos with her mix set and turntables.  Social media commentators have been on her case that it is because of her daddy’s money, that’s why she can be a huge brand in the Nigerian entertainment industry in such a short time. While that may have helped, i beg to disagree about the success because there are  a lot of children from affluent backgrounds who have not been able to replicate the success of their parents or even chart their own terrain. 

Cuppy has a squeaky clean image, is always well covered up, and loves to showcase her Nigerian heritage with her love of Ankara prints. She is also set to launch her music label the Red Velvet Music Group in London later this month.

Born in Nigeria in 1992, Cuppy has always been a creative. She began playing the piano at a young age after which she ventured into producing and thereafter DJing. At 18, whilst attaining her Bachelors Degree at King’s College, she had already become a household name playing at London’s top nightclubs and industry events.

Award-winning DJ Cuppy has been privileged to DJ for an elite international set of crowd; she entertained global diplomats and international representatives with her turntable skills at the Financial Times Luxury Summit and was the official DJ for the Nigerian Presidential Inauguration. The announcement of Cuppy being the resident DJ at the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards was a proud moment for Cuppy fans around the world.

In 2014 Cuppy released her highly successful mixtape, House Of Cuppy. The compilation features remixes of chart-topping Nigerian records. House Of Cuppy was launched successfully in London, Lagos and New York. Last year saw a bigger and better version, which other African artists from around the continent featured. In the same year, appointed by the Honorable Minister for Culture and Tourism, Cuppy became an official Nigerian Tourism Ambassador.

Cuppy currently resides in New York, attaining a Masters of Arts in Music Business at NYU. She is a current resident DJ for the MTV2 show, Uncommon Sense. Furthermore, Cuppy interns at the Roc Nation headquarters where she is getting first hand experience of the worldwide music industry, putting Africa on the global music map.



Photo credit: DJ Cuppy ,@cuppymusic


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