Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike today took leaders of the state on a tour of the Government House, Port Harcourt allegedly vandalised by officials of the administration of the immediate past governor.

The  Governor  took the  leaders to the Residential  Quarter,  Offices and the Banquet  Hall where key furniture, televisions and electrical  accessories were vandalised  by the  former  administration.
The  prominent  Rivers  leaders on the  tour were the Deputy Governor, Dr Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo, former  Deputy  Governor,  Tele Ikuru,  former  Attorney-General  of the  , Frank Owhor,  Acting  National  Chairman of  PDP,  Uche Secondus,  Former  Minister  of  Sports,  Dr Danagogo,  Former  Minister  of  Trade and  investment,  Kenneth  Kobani and Rivers  State  PDP  Chairman,  Bro Felix Obuah. Former  Minister of  Transport,  Dr Abiye  Sekibo and Nigeria’s  Ambassador to  South  Korea,  Desmond  Akawor  were also part of  the  tour.
Speaking  with  journalists  after the tour, Rivers  State  Deputy  Governor,  Dr Mrs.  Ipalibo Harry Banigo berated officials  of the  immediate  past  administration  for embarking on the vandalism  of property  of government  at the Government  House,  Port  Harcourt.
Immediate  Past  Deputy  Governor of  the  state,  Tele  Ikuru  regretted that officials of the Amaechi  administration  would stoop so low to steal furniture,  coat of arms, crested rugs and electrical fittings  in the Government  House.
He urged the  governor  to take steps to ensure  that  all those involved  in  the  looting  of facilities  in the Government  House,  House,  Port Harcourt.
Rivers  State PDP  Chairman,  Bro  Felix  Obuah  condemned  the  vandalism  of beds and furniture  at the official  quarter of the Governor.
He said: “It is unimaginable  that the beds, chairs and official crested rugs in  the  Governor’s  official  quarters  were stolen. Even the foam they left is Mouka  foam, which they used to replace the  original  foam.
“This level of looting  is embarrassing  and must not go unpunished.  It is sad that officials  of the  last administration  will go that level in their quest to  destabilise  the  incoming  administration “.
At the  Banquet  Hall of the Government House,  Port Harcourt,  officials  of the  administration  had moved away more than 500 chairs and key tables from the facility  that takes 1000 persons.
Kitchen  accessories  in the  Governor’s  official  quarters  were  also  vandalised  by officials  of  the  former  administration.
Picture 1. Vandalised  Banquet  Hall
Picture 2. Vandalised  Kitchen
Picture 3: Vandalised Television  Spot
Picture 4: Vandalised  Sitting  room  at Governor’s  official  quarters
Picture  5: Governor  Wike  showing  leaders where looted golden crested rug use to b

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