A Ugandan authoritative account said young ladies are intentionally destabilizing families because of greed and do not value the sanctity of holy matrimony anymore . They are more interested in buying the latest human hair extensions, getting a bigger bum, complete with waist trainer snatched bodies.

This picture has gone viral on social media and it originated from Uganda and has the caption ‘Home Breaker Hellen Aturinda, Leave My Husband Alone‘. Hellen is a Kampala International University graduate.

Turns out the wives can no longer compete with these street smart ladies of easy virtue. After several tactics employed by the wives to keep their cheating husbands at home. The man’s wife took to the streets with a large poster fully emblazoned with ‘Leave My Husband Alone’ naming and shaming her nemesis Hellen Aturinda.

For many years  Hellen was said to have tormented many wives and has broken 16 homes (Gerrahahia mehn) .

Wife,  Gladys Lagat was said to have spent plenty shillings getting area boys to print and paste the poster around the city .  Allegedly, the wife had prior knowledge of this affair and had initially pleaded with Hellen to leave her husband because she married and suffered with him for 17 years, only for things to start looking up (meaning money had landed) , Hellen was  now seen all over town gallivanting at expensive restaurants with the husband.

The source ended by saying that this is what now happens in East African countries like Uganda and Kenya. When wives beg the girlfriends to hands off  their men and they refuse, they use drastic measures to teach them a lesson.


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