I had grown up in a Bishop’s home. How did I get so emotionally handicapped and out of control? Emotional Neglect and many other factors in my life brought about my longing to be filled, and eventually I got filled with more than I had bargained for. One day my Pastor at the time had asked me to write down the names of the men I had sexually been involved with, to start my deliverance session. I was embarrassed at how long the list was. The last name was what brought about the birth of Pearls. How did I get to such a compromising state?


Another bleak night, while waiting for a man to reduce my self-worth again, I began crying and telling God that I was tired. I wanted more of God and more out of my life, but I had gone so far from Him and didn’t know how to come out of the pit I was in. Sitting on that bed naked, I contemplated suicide.  I was too far from home, from church, and from godly friends. I had created a double standard life for myself; singing in the church choir and was supposed to be a role model. Who would I run to? Where would I run to? L  Sitting down on the bed, crying and dreading my next move, I went into a trance, it seemed like a spell. I saw myself walking into a Hall. I had about 10 women walking behind me as we headed to the high table up on the stage. As we approached the stage, the banner read “PEARLS NIGHT”. The crowd was filled with women, wailing, crying, praying, and praising God, and the Chandelier was glistening.

That was it. I came out of the trance. Put on my clothes and immediately began to call people who had been of a great support to my music ministry. I began to call my past mentors and went through vigorous spiritual help for my personal life. I was about to feed women, surely I’d have to take care of myself first. I then set a date, a time, and a place for our first meeting. These women were open and it was a wonderful time with Pastor Diana Schiech, an End-Time Evangelist who preached that day and prophesied, “Omenesa, God will send you Mid Wives….” I did not know what it will all entail, but I knew that my Mission was to get women set free emotionally. I was pregnant with a Purpose and I needed help. For many years, I had wallowed in pain from bitterness, guilt, self hatred, suicidal thoughts, shame, and anger, yet NOBODY noticed. I always felt invisible, and made up my mind never to ignore any hurt or burden anyone may go through. There was a reason I was naked when God took me on a trance. It is only at the end of yourself that you will find God. It is only when we are transparent before Him that He can then do the healing we’ve always wanted. At the end of yourself is where you start your beginning with God.

“Pearls” is about setting women free emotionally, through being willing and translucent before God and others.  This is a phenomenon that I intend to PUSH with all my might, by the grace of God! Marriages are breaking, women are dying and the next generation is off track, all attributed to women who are not walking in their full God given potential. There is hope, and there is no pit that’s deeper than the love God has for you. So with His Love, I declare that YOU ARE COMING OUT GOLD!

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