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Hair Extensions Photo Credit: Viola hair blog

Hair extensions, especially the 100% human hair quallity, add volume and length to your natural hair, hair extensions can ultimately save a bad hair day. You can try these helpful tips to increase the lifespan of your hair extensions. It is ideal you care for them as you would your own natural hair.

Never compromize on a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Using both will extend the lifespan of your hair extensions.

When brushing, start from the bottom of the tresses and work your way up to the roots.

Do not use oily hair and scalp oils on your hair extensions as these products weigh down on the extensions and making it look heavy, which eventually kills the life span of the hair. Avoid hair serums that are oil based and only invest in the silk based serums.

Finally do not sleep with wet hair extensions, always remember to blow dry tresses , brush daily with a wide toothed brush, so you do not end up with bunched up and matted tresses.

Most importantly, do not keep your extensions on for too long, so as not to damage your own natural hair.When you do take them out, remember to take care of your natural hair before it is time for the next install.

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