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Working and dealing with people from different social cultural backgrounds is often difficult and challenging. It is  easy to throw in the towel and give up on your career goals because of such stumbling blocks. This might not be relatable to you , especially if you do not deal with clients on a daily basis. Well, it can be anyone in your social circle; especially those you cannot avoid in your lifestyle space.

There will be two outcomes; become a people pleaser or look for a surefire way to politely reject their business  , which ever floats your boat, just be rest assured that there will be pros and cons.

What if it is a client and you need their business, especially when you know the customer is always right?

Empathize:  Before anything else, apologize first for the dissatisfaction your client has experienced. Do not be ego driven or proud to say ‘i am sorry, you feel offended’,  because a client wouldn’t complain if nothing is wrong. Sometimes the problem could be so tiny you do not think it should be such a big deal, but remember that people can be upset for several reasons beyond your control, especially when it comes to them parting with hard earned cash.

Always Listen, Before You Respond: An upset  client wants you to understand why they are angry. To resolve an issue you must listen and not interrupt until they are done. By interrupting them , you may incure their wrath by disregarding their complaints; be rest assured they will take it out on you. Do not cut them midway to proffer solutions they do not wish to hear especially when you think , you have done the best for them, and believe they should be satisfied. Well, not every client can be cajoled into accepting your views for an item they paid for. If they are in a remote location from you, especially if the customer is online, be very professional and respond to emails promptly,  it is very easy for you to ignore them after you have closed the deal and collected their money, just because,  they are not in the same city as you. That is the worst thing ever, as you will instantly get bad reviews and your brand will be tagged a scam for other prospective customers that need your services.

Body Language: It is necessary to maintain eye contact in a physical altercation, give and show empathetic gestures, remark positively through body contact. Show you are truly sorry for the mistake or mix up with service delivery. Kind words such as ‘I understand’, ‘ I will work on your order’ , ‘I will reprimand my staff’, ‘It will never happen again’, ‘You can have this on the house’ , will help them cool off after a confrontation. Do not go into a verbal altercation with them ,or be strong headed. You have your business image to protect. Your body language and countenance is enough to get your client to meet you halfway. But going into a fight with them will kill your business faster than you think.

Bad Reviews Don’t Mean Failure:   It is understandable to get offended by angry clients. And you cannot help what they say about your company. If they had a terrible experience with your company, it is only normal that they wouldn’t want their friends or family to fall victim to a bad service.  As an entrepreneur, you should grow thick skin to stay in business, bad reviews do not mean failure. It is also a way for you to improve on your business and customer relationship. If the problem was with shipping a product for instance, how can you get a better shipper? If it was in the area of a substandard product, how can you get a better supplier that is top notch and also supplies good quality products? Running a business is not meant to be smooth sailing, if it was everyone will be doing it. Always take it as constructive criticism.

Delivery Matters: Never make promises you cannot keep, by being a people pleaser. You have a huge workload and yet you have promised all your clients you can deliver within a stipulated time frame. Just because you want all the customers in the world, you greedily take on what you cannot handle. It is way better to satisfy one customer that will bring back one or two referrals, than to take on  ten customers and deliver substandard products. It is a known fact that prospective clients are the sweetest when they first approach you, be very professional, and do not offer what you cannot deliver, or work beyond your capabilities.

Apologize Profusely, Fix The Problem:  Not all customers will come to a truce with you, but it is always good to know you made an effort to work on your relationship with them. Try and work hard to improve their perception of your brand by your actions. Assure them you are always willing to serve, and if they are truly difficult and unbearable to work for , decline future business from them , but be very polite about it, saying you are fully engaged the next time, they need your services.

There is always a classy and respectable approach for getting the respect you deserve in your business, how often do you see cantankerous business owners moving far ahead? Not far!  Good luck as you make the best use of 2016.  XoUU



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  1. bobo

    Madam all these things you are saying, unless you choose to behave like Angel Gab and just unlook, because alot of customers are straight from Hell fire. Good tips..

  2. Anonymous

    I have lost alot of customers oh , because i cannot stand rude behaviour from anybody. Don’t know if this will work for me but i go try…. I can’t abeg!

  3. Anonymous

    UU nice tips. Please i need you to talk about the Single girl stigma in Nigeria. Having massive problems in my office with my Boss right now. Will send you details but please do not publish my email.

  4. Anonymous

    UU International. So u wan tell us say u no dey fight with your clients. Ok ahead ahead!

  5. Boss

    Please UU be using your photo more often. So pretty and intelligent, i look up to u alot… secret admirer

  6. shade

    This is a different blog, i will be visiting more often. Not like the usual copy and paste blogs

  7. victor nas

    Great tips,dealing with people can be at times difficult when its busines related…….I hope to get more feeds from UU


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