The Nation reports that former Delta State governor James Ibori will soon be released from the UK prison , where he currently serving a 13 year jail term.


Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and other associates of his predecessor, James Ibori, are preparing for his release from prison in London, the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, an investigation by the nation correspondent revealed.
Ibori was sentenced to serve 13 years in 2012, two years after his arrest by the Interpol in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate, in 2010, where he was hiding after fleeing Nigeria.
Despite several allegations of corruption, his trial and jail, the former governor still enjoys some support of a section of the state, particularly within his Urhobo ethnic nationality.

It was gathered that his friends, beneficiaries and supporters had begun moves to resuscitate his businesses and investments across the country to reintegrate him into the “system”.

His “enormous fortunes”, allegedly stolen from the state, was said to have been reduced after he left office in 2007 with the seizure of his property and cash by foreign governments.
In April 2012, at his conviction hearing, the UK Crown Prosecution Services justified the confiscation of Ibori’s choice property in London and South Africa worth over £6.4 million, were allegedly purchased “at the expense of some of the poorest people in the world”.

Investigations by the Nation’s correspondent revealed that his key allies and supporters in prominent political positions were preparing to resuscitate his businesses and stalled projects.

Okowa, who was part of Ibori’s eight-year government, is said to be in constant touch with him through intermediaries regularly sent to the UK.

The Communication Manager to the governor, Mr Jackson Ekwugum, who was contacted on the matter, declined to comment.

But a close source to the government said that Okowa’s regular emissaries to Ibori included a former chairman of the state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), an influential member of the State Transition Committee and official of the state organ which manages 13 percent revenue accruing to oil communities.

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  1. JesuKristi

    This Ibori should be advised to stay in that UK prison. Or he wants to Kontinu in Kirikiri with Beans. Buhari and EFCC are awaiting thee. JesuKristi says so!

  2. Anonymous

    Welcome back Ibori. Still my best Delta State Governor. Nothing has improved in the state since you left.

  3. baje

    @JesuKristi nothing can happen jare. After he has served his sentence. What will Buhari do.nothing

  4. Chinwe

    Meanwhile what happened to his wife, former first lady Nkoyo. Has she been released?

    • Truth

      Most times people server of the number of years. So believe it. Its been six years.

  5. Kingsley

    Bring back Ibori…see as tension want kill many pple..Ibori must come back whether you pple like it or not

  6. Jay

    wrote on December 22nd, 2009 at 6:21 amogagamaxwell We have to keep bidnuilg and doing hat we know is RIGHT in our own little space, e might not be able to change the nation totally in the next 50 years, let us change oursleves and then in a few days we realise the nation wll change. Nierians make up Nigeria But beyond the present dsipensation something new is on the horizon, Log in to Reply


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