Meet the Nigerian heiress who wants to be the next Rihanna

Bim Fernandez stretches out in her Hell’s Kitchen apartment — an original Picasso hanging behind her. Wearing a $2,640  Carmen Marc Valvo dress  Source: NYPost

Meet aspiring pop sensation Bim, who is not the usual rags to riches story that pretty much sums up the life of a lot of entertainers. Uh huh!  Real name Abimbola Fernandez ,  is the daughter of Nigerian gemstone tycoon Antonio Deinde Fernandez,  remember him? He used to be a fixture in Ovation Magazine, back when Ovation was the premium of all owambe lifestyle magazines.  Bim speaking exclusively to NYPost says, her daddy is worth a staggering $8.7 billion. Well Hiibim has set her sights on becoming the next Rihanna. Her interview said the following:

‘Miss Fernandez didn’t exactly have a normal childhood, even by the standards of high society. While other first-graders from affluent families might have a pony show up for a party, 7-year-old Fernandez enjoyed riding around her parents’ Westchester estate atop an elephant for an African safari-themed bash.

Despite Fernandez’s insistence that she didn’t know she was wealthy as a child, her reclusive 80-year-old father is believed to be one of the world’s richest men, thanks to the diamond and gold mines he owns in the Central African Republic, now rife with sectarian violence. Let’s just say it’s not the type of place you’d want to go on vacation.Born of royal blood but not money, Papa Fernandez is a retired UN ambassador who now owns four homes: a mansion in Larchmont, NY (where his daughter spends about half of her time), a house in Brussels, a palace in Nigeria and a French hunting château that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Three private jets fly him between his properties.

But Fernandez says she’s making her own path and launching a career without her father’s help. (Though he does reach into his deep pockets and give her a certain amount of money each month.

But what is going on?  Billionaire kids all moving back to Nigeria to be in the entertainment industry. From Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy becoming a disc jockey to Abimbola wanting to become a musician. She resides in New York and is signed to an independent label there.

Watch Bim do a cover of Taylor Swift’s  Never getting back together,  and also check out her mastery of the guitar. Impeccable, she does have talent.


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