DJ Spinall recording with Naija’s newest talk show Queen ‘Nike Oshinowo

Ex-Beauty queen Nike Oshinowo is set to start a talk show soon, Late night with Nike Oshinowo. She recently granted an interview to City People Magazine, about  what to expect from her show.

You have been off the social scene for a while. How has life been?

“Life has been very busy. I have been incubating a show and it has come to fruition. I don’t know how you’re supposed to do that and still be a social butterfly. If you guys think I have been quiet, that is why, I’ve been working hard and the hard work is times two, coupled with motherhood.”

How does it feel being a mum?

nike oshinowo twins

Nike Oshinowo with her twins had by a gestational surrogate Photo Credit: Hello Magazine Nigeria

“It’s an amazing blessing, you watch them every day and see what God has done in your life it’s quite amazing.”

What exactly do you intend to achieve with your new show, Late Night with Nike Oshinowo?

“I want to be able to reach out to you, Funmi. I want that once you’ve finished your work and get home, you shower, you eat, watch the show and then the next morning, email me saying “Thank you Nike, for a wonderful show yesterday, you helped me unwind and fall asleep in a pleasurable manner”. Then I would have succeeded. Do you know how many of you there are in Nigeria? Because if I have to think, you’re probably what, 30 years old? So, really you are 60% of our population. You’re a female, 30% of our population is you. If 30% of 120 million people watch my show and are happy so what else am I looking for? It means then that I have the biggest hit show in the world. So really what do I want from this show, I want you to love it, watch it and tell me about it. That’s what I want. If you’re not watching for the content, for my hair or make or even the celebrities, you need to watch it for the outfits, the wardrobe is amazing.”

nike presskit

Who will you feature first?

(Laughs) “You should have put me in a room one on one without my General Manager and I might be able to tell. But if I do, she won’t pay my salary. But let me tell you that every single show will have the same format, so if it’s going to be a politician we’re interviewing, it will have music, it will have comedy, it will have art-in the same show, every week. So it’s that same equation and we just change the people. What you need to do right now is what’s happening right now that’s most relevant? That’s Number 1. Question number 2, who are the most relevant people? Question number 3, are they interesting enough to come on the show? If I were you, I literally will be able to fill in those names immediately.

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