The sudden rise of Interracial couple video bloggers popularly called Vloggers has catapulted everyday people into social media celebrities with a dedicated fanbase,  who watch their personal relationship experiences on video sharing social networks, such as, YouTube, Vimeo, and other digital video sharing platforms.

Adanna and David /

Adanna and David Steineker

From Adanna Ohakim former Governor of Imo State’s daughter who has a hugely successful Vlog #AdannaDavid based on her career as a medical doctor,  her life  as a newlywed with a baby on the way with German IT specialist David Steineker has giving them a huge social media following which recently saw them sign a deal with International talent agency, Storm Model Management’s personality division, to another interracial couple Australian and Sudanese Jamie and Nikki Perkins of #JamieandNiks

Jamie and Nikki Perkins

Jamie and Nikki Perkins

Interracial couple shows on youtube are a mainstay, and are raking in huge amounts of cash from YouTube partnership brands (when you play a YouTube video,the adverts that get in the way are from sponsors, the publisher gets paid when you watch their videos)

Judith's Foreign Life

Well, sadly Judith’s show was basically the same format as the others listed above, although her show is quite new compared to the rest. She was married to her Caucasian beau Travis for three years, but sadly,  Travis just got up and left a day to her birthday. Reality shows tend to show the good,  bad, and ugly sides to create more interesting entertainment. Judith has now shared her painful breakup experience via her channel.  Travis didn’t just walk out the door but left her broke by taking her money, credit cards, everything.  #Sonofabitch

A few friends who are married to or in a relationship with foreigners always tend to make a comparison between Foreign vs African men. Majority of them saying, causacians make better lovers compared to our African brothers and if  you havent been in an interracial relationship, you are definitely missing a lot.

So pray tell, does Travis have African blood? I have always stood by the notion that a relationship isn’t about the ethnicity but an individual’s personality.  If Travis wanted to take a walk, why take her credit cards? That’s just plain EVIL😢👎 Well she shared everything on her YouTube channel, while crying hysterically.

Judith you are only 22,  if you get to read this, you have the world ahead of you. Move ON…God be with you at this time. And do not delete your channel, remember that infamous celebrity Kim Kardashian, monetize the heck out of this experience, write a tell all lol, start a thribe for broken hearted women all over the world etc #YouGotThis 



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