A perfume manufacturer, Parlux Fragrances has filed a lawsuit against rapper, Jay Z over the failure of the rapper to support a merchandise he approved.

Parlux secured a licensing agreement to use Jay Z’s name and image to launch ‘Gold Jay Z’ perform in 2013, but the rapper failed to support the franchise.

The manufacturers who claim they are losing serious money, expected Beyonce’s husband to make social media posts and promotional appearances, but he declined. He also refused to appear on ‘GMA,’ at Macy’s and in Women’s Wear Daily to drive up sales of the scent.

There was also supposed to be a line of follow-up fragrances that Jay helped develop, but according to the court documents, the rapper dodged meetings and the new colognes never got off the ground.

The company claims it has lost $50 million worth of revenue and stores are beginning to return unsold product.

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