Forbes magazine has released it’s annual list of top achievers in the ‘30 under 30′ years old age bracket. A list pulled from diverse industries such as the Media, Manufacturing, Advertising, Venture Capital, Education, Food & Drink, Social Enterprise, Energy , Entertainment, Technology, Retail and Commerce, etc

When you read these success stories, you realise that a lot of the names profiled on this list are not supreme beings with omnipotent powers, they are just like you and i. So what exactly is stopping you? I will use myself as an example, i always wanted to work for a foreign media publication. And i achieved that this month, January 2016, just a  few days after the new year ( well i was hired in December 2015, but kept the juicy details to myself).

I will share about my work at Fashiontomax and Traveltomax in subsequent posts , but how did i even get a job as an international media correspondent for a European fashion and travel magazine?

It really started by wanting to travel the world and get paid traveling and writing for a living.  I began to  study and research a lot about pop culture,  travel and lifestyle creatives. I then streamlined it down to a few favourites like , a travel and personal style blog curated by Australian blogger Jessica  May Stein , Nicole Warne of  as well as here in Africa, Kenyan personal style and lifestyle blogger Sharon Mundia of and the bigger travel site  founded by Nigerian Zim Ugochukwu; yes many of you didn’t know the most popular black travel blog right now on the planet was founded by a Nigerian and not a black American, (Well Nigerian American😛)  Go Naija!

Truth is, if you want something bad enough, you will work hard to make it happen… Period!

I do not reside in Milano, the headquarters of Fashiontomax , but i have been given a huge platform to share my thoughts with the world. And I am excited to see how foreign media organizations handle 24 hours information dissemination.

Lifestyle enthusiasts are now living life on their own terms, because, who says you have to be tied at the hip to a job you do not like? Not saying working a 9 to 5 isn’t great, but what if that incredible job isn’t forthcoming?  Will you sit idle and do nothing?

John Boyega who made the forbes 30 Under 30 list said “I think the biggest risk for me was taking my career seriously at a young age”.

Pursuing life’s passions can start by taking it one day at a time. How do you know when you are passionate about something? You would be happy to do it for FREE.

For instance, if you are  passionate about cooking, why not start a niche specific cooking business? You can focus on cuisine that is low in calories, or for people with special needs i.e diabetic patients shouldn’t be eating only Beans for instance. In a saturated industry like Food&Drink, how do you stand out?  I found a lifestyle magazine specific to people living with diabetics and I was in awe, people are thinking. That’s what entrepreneurship is about. Ideas that someone else will think is too crazy to be done, someone will go ahead and get it done. When the vision is actualized, they will ask how you did it?

I remember when i used to work in luxury automobile marketing, my colleagues and i would start plotting on what to eat during lunch break. This was before a cafeteria was opened in the office. We always longed for home cooked meals and not the usual junk sold at fast food chains. There was a time we discovered a lady that sold rice, which was promptly  christened by my colleagues as ‘anyhow rice’ , because in that same pack of rice, which she packaged neatly in plastic packs, complete with a disposable spoon and diligently wrapped with a serviette and tooth picks,  the meal was so tasty and rich with prawns ( for the seafood lovers) beef , chicken or goat meat, crayfish, but with brutal chilli pepper that had us ‘oohhing and ahhing’ with water or soda on standby to withstand the hot chilli, we noticed that ingredients in the rice was never blended properly hence our name ‘anyhow rice’ . It was a hybrid between coconut and jollof rice. Don’t know what she put in it, but it tasted so good…lol

What i remember vividly is the queue for that woman’s food,  just from my office alone was mind boggling😰😩. And she delivered daily to the office at no extra charge and wait for this, cooked from home. Many of you will insist on having a space for a fancy restaurant before starting such a business. The rice was so sweet, that we ordered for plates of ‘anyhow rice’ days in advance.

Why am i deviating from the initial post of the Forbes 30 under 30 list? Do you honestly think everyone on this Forbes list had huge venture funding or angel investors that just handed out money to them? Many of them started out like Madam ‘anyhow rice’ with just a naira and a dream. So it is time to wake up, as we are still in January,the first month of the year 2016. It’s time to sprint if you have to, and do everything with fear if you must, but be in it to make history, and even if you do not get on the Forbes list.  It is just a list anyway to inspire and motivate you to reach for the stars.

One thing is for sure these Forbes millennials have shattered the proverbial glass ceiling and struck out to carve a niche for themselves despite all odds.

I should write more motivational posts like these or what do you think? Sound off in the comments section and please share the social media links below. Xo UU





Zim Ugochukwu 27 Founder

Zim launched in 2013 after struggling to find images of young black travellers like herself on instagram. The site now boasts a highly engaged social media presence with more than 180,000 instagram followers, tools, and tips to make traveling easier and  a weekly online travel show, Travel Noire TV. Ugochukwu is at the forefront of what is being called the Black Travel Movement.

Emerson Spartz, 28


Emerson James Spartz is the CEO of Chicago-based Spartz Media and the founder of MuggleNet, a Harry Potter fansite.

“Negative stories get clicks, but they tend not to get shares,” says Spartz, by way of explaining the feel-good stories dominating your Facebook feed as opposed to the doom and gloom of mainstream news. Spartz should know. Shortly after he started homeschooling at age 12, he launched Muggle­Net, which grew into one of the most popular Harry Potter fan sites (favorite book: Goblet of Fire; favorite character: Luna Lovegood). After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2009, Spartz and his now wife, Gaby, launched Gives Me Hope (GMH), a Chicken Soup for the Soul riff for Millennials where users share inspiring, true stories online that answer the question “What gives you hope?”

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh  23-  Founder

Amani is the founder of She is an activist, writer, and spoken word artist studying political science and Middle Eastern studies. She started from her bedroom and has gone on to have a staff of 10 writers, a webshow on TeenVogue that tackles moslem topics for non muslim teens and is set to be the first mainstream subscription service for moslem teens and readers.

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  1. Dike

    Really like the motivation. Thank you so much… I have started to write down what I am passionate about.

  2. Shawny

    But why is there no Nigerian on the list the list that lives in Naija. All of them are in the diaspora. Or does this mean I have to relocate…

  3. Anonymous

    At anyhow rice hahahah. I can relate sha. There is one amala spot in festac. I can’t get enough of that woman’s food. This blog is sha different. Keep us the content.


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