Media personality Toke Makinwa and her estranged husband Maje Ayida are back in each others arms( well i personally think they have always been together, but not in the public eye). The couple, were seen together at Future Awards Africa last night. But later arrived separately at the venue for the Pepsi sponsored Corporate Elite 2015 event which also took place last night, and were in each other’s company the whole night. It can be recalled , Maje cheated on Toke, when he fathered a child outside wedlock. Well, Toke, famous for her video blogs Toke Moments on how to handle relationship matters was publicly humiliated, as her fans wondered why if she was so knowledgeable in the relationship niche , why didn’t she detect what was happening under her roof  . They both saw American music group Jagged Edge in performance . In the end, love always wins. Do you think, she should have accepted him back, after the public humiliation? See photos below:

Toke and Maje at the Future Awards Event before they headed to the corporate elite show

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