Tonto DIf you missed the beginning saga , this is how it started, read here. The Tonto Dikeh vs. @pumpsberry, real name Pearl Chuks has come to a conclusion.

According to a video shared by fashion retailer, Pearl, on Instagram, Tonto Dikeh decided to burn all the products she had purchased from Pearl and send the video to her.  Pearl posted the video on Instagram saying:

She later added:

Lol at are you snapping it @tontolet its are you taking pictures of it.I am sure you have heard of karma.i hope young women in the society learn not to make these so called celebrities their role models because in the real world they aren’t ,a lot of you asked me to take her to court and I am like if someone can’t pay 192k why will I waste more money in court or with the police on this person?Someone who gets something from you,picks it up from the corner of a church,gives a fake cheque to her own employee to cash and then tell me to show proof knowing what she did has to be mentally unstable,I took out time to read up on her I found on Linda ikeji’s blog that she was depressed and suicidal so I let go because I now understand are actions aren’t what normal people do,some of you said I should have waited longer,in business you don’t let people keep your money because you take money and flip it for more money.i have learnt a tough lesson and she can lie all she wants I am still going to continue to be successful in my business and I am blessed because I have bigger things ahead.

Tonto responded with this quote below; I have read some people on social media, supporting Tonto’s behavior , really? And we think our problem is only the Nigerian government!

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