Two year old Aneela’s video went viral this week on social media, as nanny clobbered her repeatedly with a flashlight!

The video of a nanny beating and torturing a young female toddler went viral over the weekend. On the day the video was released, the information that came with it was so sketchy that most people thought it was a scene from a movie and not real. So many bloggers, went digging for more information on this because the scenes from the video clip was really disturbing.  The girl’s name is Aneela and this torture took place in the East African country of Uganda.

After the video went viral and there was a world outcry at the inhumane torture of the little girl who was barely two years of age, the police in Uganda have finally spoken out on the horrible torture of Aneela by her nanny.

In an NBS Television Uganda recorded video, Ugandan police spokesman Patrick Onyango  gave more details about what happened. According to Mr. Onyango, the name of the nanny is Jolly Tumuhiirwe  and she is 22 year old. She was hired by Aneela’s father, identified as  Eric Kamanzi.

The nanny, Tumuhiirwe  who is a native of Uganda’s Rukungiri District, had only worked for the Kamanzi family for 26 days, meaning she was barely known by them. So when Mr. Kamanzi saw some unexplained bruises on his daughter’s body, he decided to mount a secret camera in the family’s living room, unknown to the nanny.

KAMANZI FAMAneela with her father, Eric Kamanzi and her sibling

According to family sources, Kamanzi came home last week on Thusrday November 13th2014, and found some fresh bruises on the baby’s behind. This time, he did not bother to ask Tumuhiirwe  what happened but hastily went to review the cameras which, he had set up monitor the house.

The video showed Tumuhiirwe is trying to feed baby Aneela with a plate of porridge. Aneela was said to have been sick at the time, so the baby was finding it difficult in coping with the rough and speedy rate at which Tumuhiirwe was feeding her.

Tumuhiirwe then turns to the porridge and started eating it. But the toddler who could not contain the stuffed food down her throat, threw up dreadfully. This incited Tumuhiirwe’s wrath. She landed the baby a hot slap before throwing her off the sofa, Aneela’s face kissing the hard ceramic-tiled floor.

The baby remained there for a few seconds before Tumuhiirwe came for her with a rechargeable flashlight, clobbering the baby on her behind severely. Not done yet,Tumuhiirwe  started kicking Aneela and stepping on her back in turns. She finally gave her the last kick which sent her silent and unable to move.

The nanny then picked the baby roughly by one hand and vanished into the inner room. One could still hear the sounds of her beating the little girl from where the CCTV was mounted.

After Mr. Kamanzi who lives in Naalya in the Kiwatule suburb watched the video footage, he pounced on Tumuhiirwe and clobbered her to a pulp. Then he tended to his baby as Tumuhiirwe ran to police where, she reported an assault case against her master, Kamanzi.

The Kiwatule police immediately swung into action, raided Kamanzi’s  home and arrested him. He promptly confessed to beating up the nanny before he was dragged into a cell. Later, Kamanzi asked the cops to look at what made him clobber the nanny. A mere look at the video changed the cops stance and they promptly released Kamanzi while Tumuhiirwe was charged.

The Ugandan Monitor reports that the matter was transferred to Kiira Police Division. After the investigations, the nanny was charged with torture in Nakawa Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, November 20 and remanded in Luzira Maximum Prison.

Police chief spokesman at Kiira, CP Fred Enanga who spoke to Ugandan crime news site,The Investigator yesterday,  confirmed that Tumuhiirwe whose case file number was CRB 1346/14 had been charged under section 3 of the Anti-torture Act at Nakawa Magistrate Court.

Enanga like his colleague Onanga earlier explained in the video added that the police was contemplating reversing the charge and upgrading it to attempted murder. Under the Anti-torture Act,  Tumuhiirwe gets three years in jail but she will re-appear in Court on December 8th 2014. By then hopefully, her charge can be upgraded so she gets a longer sentence.

Now you may be wondering where little Aneela’s mom is in all this drama. When asked where the mother of the girl was while all these was going on, family sources maintained silence on the question and gave no hints on her whereabouts. But they did reveal that her name was Angela, a beautiful lady from Rwanda and she was a housewife.

When the Ugandan Monitor called her yesterday, Angela said by telephone:

“We took her [Aneela] to the hospital for medical checkup and she is okay. We will be returning to the hospital next week.”

So why wasn’t Madam Angela at home to supervise the nanny especially as little Aneela was very ill at the time? Hopefully more details about that will emerge.


    Official Press Statement from Ugandan Police:

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