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All the rice i have eaten this yuletide season is making me crave for something different. Ewa Agoyin can be a great substitute for all the carbs this season. Ewa Agoyin simply means plain boiled beans eaten with hot peppery sauce.


• Black eyed beans
• Dry Chilli Pepper
• Palmoil
• Ginger (just a little)
• Onion
• Salt to taste
Step 1: To prepare the beans, remove the chaff, rinse and cook the beans till it gets very soft before adding salt at the final stage of the cooking. Once it’s soft, mash it up in a pot with a wooden spoon.
Step 2: Soak the dry pepper for a few hours or overnight till it regains moisture then blend it with a little ginger.
Step 3: Slice the onion (you can also blend the onion with the pepper and ginger if you don’t like seeing chunks of it in your food) and set aside
Step 4: Heat up the palm oil till it loosens up a little and gets very hot (Do not bleach)
Step 5:  Gently add the onions, stir and leave to fry for sometime till it burns a little and gets dark.
Step 6: Pour your pepper blend into the hot oil, add salt and leave to fry for a while till the oil separates from the ground pepper and it has a sandy grainy like feel.
Dish out the beans and pour the sauce over the top of it. Serve with Boiled yam/Sweet Potato, fried plantain, Garri or better still Serve by dishing the beans into a plate and scooping some Agoyin stew on it. Ewa Agoyin can be eaten on its own, with soft and stretchy bread lol. Enjoy!

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