Need to know what goes on behind the scenes in Nollywood? Well sit back and relax as aspiring Nollywood actress Helena Nelson , lets us into the world of what it takes to make it in the Nigerian Movie Industry. Helena, after getting a bit role in award winning series MTV Shuga , attends the wrap up party. Diaries of An Aspiring Nollywood Actress is an original UUnistaDotCom feature … Enjoy!

Helena Nelson

So, at the MTV base Shuga wrap up party, the DJ was playing stupid songs, I just decided to continue my lessons in swimming.

I change to a one-piece suit and  get into the swimming pool.

Placing my lovely self at the shallow end to avoid stories that touch, this dude comes along…

“Let’s swim to the deep end na”

“No I can’t swim” I politely put him off.
Now, I stay at the shallow end till my friends Bosun and Bright decide to fall in.

I’m comfortable now. I’ve got people I know in here. I can play around.

I notice that anytime I try to flap my legs, that first nigga will dive under and his hands will be roaming around my legs.

Thought it was mere coincidence until his hand was on my Butt.

I am mad, but I don’t show it.
I call Bosun, Bright and his friend aside, and I tell them what was going on, that they should watch closely.

Two minutes later he was caught red handed. He blames it on booze, and he wants to fight my friends.

At this point I’m already pissed, I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and wanting a pound of flesh. “Nigga I’m in the pool doesn’t mean I want to be fingered by you kwashiokor-stricken, HIV positive fingers!”


I get outta the pool to cool off, and he approaches me with a raised hand.
I don’t think twice, I duck and slap the Tuberculosis out of his grasshopper-looking face.

He shouts and rushes for me.
My friends tie him down.
I am disgusted finally and give up on swimming altogether.

Fast forward to previously: I left my bag with one Samuel that was asking me out. So he kept it in his room.

Now: I look for Samuel’s room, and I find him in bed with a very pregnant lady.
He shakily tells me that she’s his fiance and they are getting married by May. *Dafuq?!!*

I take my bag, and I follow Tracy, Bose and Timi home.

At the gate they had to search our bags because the security guys claimed a Samsung Galaxy Note was missing.

I’m angry at first for being checked but I was like “oh well, I’d do same”.

The next morning Timi drops me at home. On our way, darling Samuel calls me to accuse me of taking his 5k from the Bible beside his bed.

I’m like:?? Huh? How? When? Where? In what manner?
He rants and rants.

I calm him down and ask him to please find out from the security guards that checked my bags , now I’m really happy they did, because I have witnesses.

And that he should ask them how much they saw in my bag.

He goes to ask and they told him I had only N3,500 in there.

I ask him to ask around and keep me informed.

Two hours later he calls, all apologetic to say he found it.
That’s he’s sorry for accusing me, for doubting me. That he will make sure he links me up to top producers. That I’m a honest person. Bla bla bla.

Today: he called just now, and told me that someone was trying to frame me up. That did I remember that nigga that I slapped? *of course I remember*

That he took the money and when he (Samuel) asked him, he said he saw me take something out of a certain Bible. And that he thought the Bible was mine.

Moral of this True Life Story:

What ever you do, let your hands remain clean.

Never expect 100% truth out of any nigga.

Always have an alibi.

Keep doing good. You don’t know when you’ll need it.

Maintain your standard. Never stoop low for anyone.


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