This diss track might be titled “Sorry,” but Bey quickly lets us know she’s not sorry, for ANYTHING. On the feminist laden MeLo-X produced track, Beyoncé lets the men know not only does she not need them, she’s not even thinking about them. Raging in the foreground ,while tennis grand slam champion turned video vixen Serena Williams is twerking without a care in the world , she sings,

@beyonce 🍋🍋🍋🍋

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“Middle fingers up, put ‘em hands high / Wave ‘em in his face / Tell him ‘boy, bye,’” she commands over the midtempo track. For all those who think this is about the other woman, beehives stay flooding Designer Rachel Roy’s instagram page and now musician Rita Ora for nothing , Bey and Jay will  just take another 5star holiday trip from the massive album sales this will generate on Tidal, Jayz’s online music streaming service. One thing i have learnt from Queen B, no matter the sour lemons life throws your way, you can make it into a tall glass of Lemonade….Boy Bye!

The buzz on social media is that music critics are saying ‘Lemonade’ by Beyoncé  is a career defining album and can be compared to legendary releases like Thriller , Purple Rain, Like A Prayer. Isn’t that a rather ambitious comparison? You be the judge…

Update: You can only watch it with a Tidal subscription!

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