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Rihanna  has released the highly anticipated video to hit single‘B-tch Better Have My Money’ .  In the visuals, she takes a woman hostage while on the quest to get her dough.  We later learn that art is truly imitating life in this 7-minute visual, as she places threatening calls to her accountant before confronting him face to face for what looks like a tragic ending.

Well,  rumour on the street was that back in the day, Rih’s finances went downhill because her accounting team were mismanaging her funds. She eventually sorted it out by releasing albums and singles back to back for the past seven years in addition to licensing  her image in different merchandising lifestyle ventures such as cosmetics, clothing and accessories to offset her bills. She is now said to be worth a cool 120 million dollars, really inspiring comeback.  Watch the video below!

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Rihanna BBHMM VideoRihanna BBHMM 3Censored Rihanna BBHMM 2Rihanna BBHMMCensored Rihanna BBHMM back of the foriegn car

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