Every year someone new comes on the Nigerian socialite scene to shake it up a notch. They either inspire you to think about your non existent and stagnant career goals, life,  or even question ‘if we all have the same 24 hours’? Well, towards the end of last year, social media kept buzzing with this new guy on the scene, i won’t lie when i looked at his photo, suave looking, and well coifed in the best international designer apparels, i just concluded that this one na yahoo yahoo. Trust lagosians and life in the fast lane, when someone is buzzing, they flock around them like bees to honey. Everywhere i turn Sujimoto, real estate guru, over a zillion instagram followers, top PR gurus, event managers, planning his town house opening and hanging on his every word lol.

As an onlooker, i just thought to myself, this will soon fizzle out’. But oh was i wrong! I just got the recent Genevieve Magazine and this same ‘Sujimoto’ was featured in their GMan Column.

Genevieve Magazine describes Mr. Sujibomi Ogundele ‘as a  born business man, of humble origins , born in  Oke Arin, buying and selling commercial bicycles in Agege at the age of 8, selling souvenirs on the streets of Cote d’Azur, earning his first million at the age of 21, to becoming one of real estate’s most promising new comers’. Why are all made men stories always like this? Just wondering…

At just 33 years old, very single i must add,’wink’. He launched ‘The Medici Terraces’ , which is said to be all marble ensuite town houses , located in Ikoyi, Lagos. Which was inspired by the iconic Medici , who was an architectural revolution in his time.  Well, Mr  Sujibomi, has the grand ambition to build a mini Dubai Mall in Lagos, that will have bespoke stores from international retail giants, service apartments, offices, and hotels, which will be designed by …wait for this…French iconic interior designer Philippe Starck.  A budding  Donald Trump , in our midst.  To be inspired by the brand ‘Sujimoto’ like i was, read the full interview from Genevieve Magazine, where he talks about being inspired by Dangote and the spirit of ‘Dangotism’ , rather hilarious but i do agree, Dangote needs to be studied as an entrepreneurship course in Nigerian business schools. Go ahead and create jobs Sujimoto and keep working on your philantropic initiatives.

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